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The Binary Alchemist

Drabble for Chapter 107 "Check The Oil"

Drabble: "Check The Oil"
by binaryalchemist 
Pairing: Al/Winry
Spoilers: CHAPTER 107 SPOILERS, mature content
Rated: PG 13 for mild mature subject matter, nothing explicit
Granted, the scanlations aren't out--only a few translated pages...but I just couldn't resist....


Check The Oil

By the Binary Alchemist 

            “…and now it’s your time.”


            The armor dissolved behind him as he merged with his own flesh. He didn’t even notice.

            He stretched his long legs and uttered his first word: “Tall.”

            He glanced… down …and amended that observation. “Tall and hung,” he announced to the emptiness around him. “One hundred and seven chapters, 51 episodes of the original series…this whole ‘Brotherhood’ deal and Inoue’s light novels---not to mention all those nights with Winry tuning up and inspecting my armor, rubbing me all over with oil, climbing on my body with her tits right in my faceplate…”

            He noticed an immediate drop in blood pressure as the blood coursed from his brain to his new, unused equipment.  He touched it. It felt good. Damn good.. “We haven’t beaten Father yet,” he told his impetuous member. “Soon at it’s all  over, though…I’m going back home for a four-point inspection, tune up….and an all night test drive.”


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