Highwind Engineer #3 (he03) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Highwind Engineer #3

Big Fanart Dump

First, some Selim/Mei(featuring armour!Al)
Older!Selim and older!Mei
Wrath finds out that the Ultimate Eye doesn't work if he's asleep...
...much to Pride's dismay and Mrs. Bradley's amusement
A revision of pg 52 from ch 105 featuring femme!Wrath

The following have been inspired by bookelfe's fic Another Military Party (go read NAO) and subsequent comment threads.
The Pride/Riza/Roy dance interrupt scene
Like bookelfe says, I also am an 'enormous sucker for villains who are really into their nice normal middle-aged wives'
Here's Mrs. Bradley subtly hinting that she tops very hard (thanks random_prophet for the mental image!)
So Riza promptly takes her advice on how to do so...
...and we have a very satisfying end result!


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