The Binary Alchemist (binaryalchemist) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The Binary Alchemist

Question for Medicom RAH Edward figure owners

Some of you are fortunate owners of the Medicom Real Action Heroes FMA figures. And some of you--admit it--dress them up in something other than their FMA costumes. I want to hunt up a custom doll clothing artist to make a Conqueror Of Shamballa costume for my Edward figure
(see icon) but I'll need to know what will fit my new Ed. Can any of you give me a rough idea of what you've dressed the figure in that fits?(Ex: if a Barbie wedding dress fits Ed--don't laugh, I've seen the pictures out there!--I could tell the doll artist that the pants and vest and shirt and overcoat will roughly fit a Barbie size (minus the boobs, of course). Any suggestions would be appreciated--THANKS!

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