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A fragile peace has settled over the floating continent of Reial.

Tensions mount in the small island countries of Kropmork and Erealia; the two major powers on the continent, refined Ivona and wild Vohemar have found themselves increasingly at each others throats, while tensions in the Badlands, wedged between the two giants, have led to murmurs of independence. Across the skies and the tables of diplomacy fingers are on the triggers, and no one is sure where to point them.

There are rumors of a growing threat of a shadowy terrorist organization called Denouement, and yet no one could tell you their plans or the scope of their reach. However, from the scope of their previous actions, it's clear that they're being financed by someone who has a great deal of money... and, possibly, power. It's enough to make anyone twitchy.

Everyone is always recruiting, whether they be Vohemaro, Ivonian, Badlands, independent-or even Denouement-but do not think their motives only run skin deep. Through all of it, the people of this world sail the skies, trying to survive the turbulent times. Pirates, soldiers, merchants, thieves, actors, mercenaries, mad scientists, all of them united, despite their disparate views and allegiances, in wanting something better for themselves.

Choose a ship, declare your loyalty, and fight alongside your crew to make your dreams a reality.

theskytides: A plot-heavy steampunk multifandom AU game focused around airships with many opportunities for characters to get involved. There are three brand new ships, and applications are open, so join today!

GETTING STARTED: Rules ¤ Taken/Wanted ¤ Reservations ¤ Application

FACTIONS & SHIPS: Faction Information ¤ Ship Crew List

INFORMATION: FAQ ¤ Geography ¤ Glossary ¤ Holidays ¤ Information Permissions ¤ Wiki ¤ Timeline: 2008/2009

CONTACT: Friends Add ¤ Hiatus/Mod Contact ¤ Complaints/Concerns ¤ Ship Plot Suggestions ¤ Pimping Code

theskytides ¤ theskyport ¤ theskytits
saltybirds ¤ tidesnpc ¤ tidesnews

We have a mangaverse cast consisting of King Bradley as one of the ship captains, along with Lust, Hughes, Kimbley, and Grumman. ...yeah I know, that is probably the weirdest FMA cast in all of LJRP. We'd like to see Gluttony, Ed, Al, Scar, Mei, Alex Louis Armstrong, and, since we're very likely to get an Olivier Armstrong, it would be the most awesome thing ever to see Miles and Buccaneer!

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