Jordanna Morgan (jordannamorgan) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Jordanna Morgan

FIC: Family

Title: Family
Author: jordannamorgan
Rating/Warnings: G.
Characters: Mainly Al, with Ed and others in the general picture.
Setting: First anime, but should be cross-compatible. A Christmas during Ed’s first three years as a State Alchemist.
Summary: Perhaps the Elrics did gain something for their loss. It just wasn’t what they expected.
Disclaimer: They belong to the genius of Hiromu Arakawa. I’m only playing with them.
Notes: This is a gift fic for the wonderful beloved_tree, to mark the five-year anniversary of our friendship. April isn’t exactly the right time of year for a holiday fic, but I did tell her that reading her first FMA fic would be better than Christmas, so… there you go. A little bit of Christmas in return. Equivalent Exchange, right? *g*

( It was late on Christmas morning, and the Hughes household resembled a riot. )
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