fractured_chaos (fractured_chaos) wrote in fm_alchemist,

"...My Wrist Feels Like Spaghetti"


Holy Crap! There's a lot of high velocity blood spatter in this thing! But I just had to make a wallpaper from this two-page panel of epic awesomeness.



Thumbnail slightly distorted due to not being the same aspect ratio as the wallpaper. The wallpaper, itself, is widescreen.

You can download it here, at less than a Mb. The original saved by my usual methods (the highest quality possible) made it 1.36 Mb. I don't see a difference, but then, I'm old and need bifocals(if you think I'm joking, go look at my profile). So... if you want the best quality version, contact me at chaos (dot) fractured (at) gee-mail (dot) com, and I'll email the bigger version straight away.

The usual applies:
Credit nice, but unnecessary.
Comments are love
Concrit will make me your humble servant
Hotlinking is bad (not that this should be an issue with wallpapers, but you never know)

Minor grumbling: The skin-tone I chose for Bradley looked just fine and a nice healthy pinkish color. But whether it was due to the blood-spatter that I colored in, or what, he came out a bit jaundiced and weird. I suppose that's okay, since he's not really all that human and all, and he's losing a lot of blood.... boy is he losing a lot of blood! XD
Tags: graphics, manga, wallpaper
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