The Binary Alchemist (binaryalchemist) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The Binary Alchemist

FMA Music: "My Chimera"

FMA Music Parody; "My Chimera" (ttto "My Sharona")
Lyrics by binaryalchemist 
Take it in the spirit it's meant, please and if you think you might be offended by a song about Shou Tucker, DON'T READ THE LYRICS, please!
This was one of the first FMA songs I ever wrote almost four years ago--to date, it has never been performed live or recorded so far...


By The Binary Alchemist

(to the tune of  “My Sharona” by Doug Fieger and Berton Averre, recorded by The Knack)


Once I had a perfect life, perfect life

Then I transmuted my first chimera

Made it from my lovely wife, lovely wife

Brought me admiration and pride, chimera

Fuehrer was impressed

It survived, it could even walk

Shame creature spoke, what it said

When it talked

 “I wanna die-die-die-die-DIE, whoo!”

You wanna die, chimera?

B-b-b-bye bye, chimera!


Had to get my license back, license back

Time to get to work on my new chimera

Ed thinks I’m a maniac, maniac

Got a bit suspicious ‘bout this chimera

Dog ain’t comin’ home when he calls

Neither is my kid

Haul me to Lab Five, not to jail, for what I did

My daughter died-died-died-died-died—whoo!

Fullmetal cried, chimera!

When Nina died, chimera!

B-b-b-bye, chimera!

B-b-b-bye, chimera!


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