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"Nothing Like the First Time" - Riza Hawkeye/Barry the Chopper fic

TITLE: Nothing Like the First Time
PAIRING: Barry the Chopper / Riza Hawkeye
GENRE: Humor
RATING: PG / OT for language and mentions of Barry's bloody serial-killer habits.
WARNINGS: Some graphic mentions of blood and guts; obsessive crushes.
DISCLAIMER: I'm not the master puppetteer for these characters, Praise Be to Arakawa for having that title. I just yank on their strings once in a while.
SUMMARY: Riza Hawkeye temporarily relieves Falman of guard duty over Barry the Chopper ... by going on a date with him?!!

A/N: This was written for Kinkmeme 2.0. The prompt was "Manga! Armor! Barry / Riza Hawkeye, first date."

"Please let me go out with her, just one time! I promise not to cut her up!”
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