Qashqai (qashqai1) wrote in fm_alchemist,


Just some shit (like always XD), like the homunculi host club and father's hawtness ;)

Homunculi Host Club - got this concept after seeing this; I didn't remember how the all homunculi exactly look +___+ and overall it's shitty and unfinished and blah blah, but I hope you like the concept LOL. XD
Ranfan - being cool. <3
Ranfan again - forgive the shityness of this one, usually I redraw the drawing two or three times (concept sketch->sketch->lineart, without the concept one sometimes XD XD), but in this case I just randomly went and drew a lineart. +___+
Father/May - just decided to make a lineart of one of the sketches which were the commentary on chapter 104 XD XD ETA: colored and text changed a little to make it even more absurdal :'D :'D
Havoc - found an old sketch on HDD and just decided to make a lineart
Al/Ranfan - because I just need to draw and show off with my favourite pairing sometimes~! XD XD this couldn't become more crack, though... girly!Ranfan... o_O' but yay for Xingese clothes! Right? :'D

Well, erm, hope you enjoyed. XD now, which one of linearts to color... XD XD
(totally by the way - who else lol'd at Pride's RAPEFACE when he captured Al?)
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