The Binary Alchemist (binaryalchemist) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The Binary Alchemist

Fic: "Nocturnal Omissions:Growing Up Elric" (from the Alchemical Memoirs of E. Elric)

Fic: “Nocturnal Omissions: Growing Up Elric (from the Alchemic Memoirs of Edward Elric)

By binaryalchemist 

Rating: Soft R-ish to be safe for adult humor

Genre: Gen Fic, coming of age, Ed vs. Roy, Ed vs Havoc –and Ed vs. Mother Nature. Crack to the max!

Blindsided by the onset of puberty, Ed is too embarrassed to discuss the changes in his body—and insists he’s gotten all the knowledge he needs about the birds and bees from his research.

Unfortunately, he’s been researching in the alchemy section of the Central Library…

**Feedback deeply appreciated!***


I admit it kinda took awhile. I’m not sayin’ I wasn’t normal. Just sayin’ I already had that silver watch dangling on my belt before I paid much attention to what was dangling under it…Collapse )


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