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episode 45 discussion

No usual post with discussion, so I'm making one. Short kind of summary with screenshots included lol.

Kickass Bradley is kickass. Animation during the Greed vs Wrath fight was awesome.

He attacks...

And Greeling lost his hair! At least part of them. So he ran away. Through window.

Pride doesn't like it.

Meanwhile, at Armstrong's place Father tells his children to fight!

So they do,

while the rest of family leaves to Xing.

Then we see May in Youswell. This scene feels forced, doesn't it?

About eyecatches, one was really cool.

And second one was Ed. Cool, badass Ed, with earrings. Yes, dear anime creators, we are all fangasming, so include even more Ed from now on... x_x

Then Ed meets with Greeling. ..

"I'll be your bitch." (btw, doesn't Ed's eyes looks different? Seriously. He also have shorter bangs. And different, more hohoish jawline at some scenes. o_O; seems like creators really want to make a Hoho clone of him)

"Now that sounds nice dude!"

Random ugly dog is ugly.

We also have Izumi in Briggs...

"I'm a housewife!" - the most badass line ever

Only me disturbed by the lack of dot (or sth like that) between 2 and 9?

Mmm nice ass...

Besides of showing her ass, Rebecca meets with Riza

and hands her over a message.

She gives it to Havoc, and he gives it to Roy.

Roy reads it...

And destroys it in the kickass way.

We also have some cool scenes in the ending.

And in the preview...

Now, come to bed, baby.

Also, you can watch actual episode online here (also uploaded this file here).
So, erm, let's discuss? XD

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