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[fic] REsetPLAY ~automail is the reason we're famous~ 1/4

Title: REsetPLAY ~Automail is the reason we're famous~
by: ezyls_girl 
Pairing: RoyEd
Genre: smangst. >__>
Rating: PG-15 ~ R
Warnings: poorly-written?
Notes: written for the lovely peridottears (and not even for any particular reason. o__o). Long overdue for -this- fandom. XD

Summary: A heart is nothing but four chambers and a rhythm.

( the heart: anatomically; )

More of ezyl!fic may be found at sanityinasylum  and pillowcased and no i've never attempted FMA in my life so sorry for like extreme fail. It's still the blurry transitional period. x___x

...and my stupid firewall is being damn annoying after I tried to download light porny stuff. feedback is very much appreciated. <3

x-posted like crazy.

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