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Fic: "Blame Game" 1/1

Title: Blame Game
Author: evil_little_dog
Word Count: 999
Rating: Teen
Characters: Ed, Al, Winry
Summary: It’s not Ed’s fault he’s impatient.
Warnings: N/A. Takes place before Ed joins the military but after he and Al try to bring Trisha back.
A.N.: Written for fma_fic_contest's prompt of 'Well, that wasn't supposed to happen'. Crossposted various places and fake cut to my LJ.

Ed flapped his hand in approximation of Winry’s mouth. The girl went on and on about his automail and how it had to be fitted just right and it. Felt. Fine. Winry was being a worrywart and he needed to get back on his feet so he could go join the military. Ed flexed his fingers, curling them in to his palm one by one then wriggled his toes. See? Fine.
Tags: fanfic (teen)

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