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Brotherhood Figures Coming Stateside!

Square-Enix premiered the US packaging for their release of the Brotherhood Trading Arts figures at Toyfair today. Now these have been released in Japan for awhile, but they were blind boxed, meaning you didn't know who you were getting.

But in the US, Squeenix is releasing them in sets of four figures each.

The first set includes Winry, Ed, Scar and Bradley. It will be coming in the next few weeks.

The second set will be coming later in the year, and seems to feature Al, Roy, Envy and what may be the first ever Olivia Armstrong figure!

More details and pictures here.

I have Winry from the first series and I have to tell you, these figures are REALLY nice. I'm definitely picking them all up when they come out.

(If you can't wait, I think you can get some of the blindboxes from Wizzywig, Anime Palace or possibly from the Squeenix Online shop.)

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