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The English Dub...

Just some random screencaps + LOLcaps, as well as my humble opinion on the English dub. Let me know your opinion too!

Ah.... it's been a while since we've all viewed the first episdoe of Brotherhood, eh? So let's review...

It was a indroducing-the-almighty-plot episode.

Moving on the the dub...

First of all, why the hell did they cut up the opening and ending? It made me sad. ;_;

Second of all, what was with the random cut scenes? Was the episode too long or something?

They totally cut the awesome 4 seconds where Ed and Al were surfing down the ice mountain!

  <---- For those who don't remember

Third of all, the actual dub. Travis (Roy) sounded as sexy as ever. I love Chris Sabet (Armstrong). Vic was very professional sounding, giving Ed a very fitting voice. And whoever voices Kimblee I now love. Issac's voice was a tad... off, but it was still good. Riza's voice sounds pretty good too.

EDIT: Would like to add, Lust's voice is still sexy.

But... why the hell does Al sound like a 9-year-old girl? ;_;

It's terrible... like all the producers ever see Al as is this 10-year-old little boy. BUT GODDAMMIT HE'S 14. HE'S MATURED. GAH.

And my reason for thinking they have all thier ages for the characters mixed up is not just ramblings on my part. I recently went to Ohayocon, and Aaron Dismuke (old voice of Al) said that the producer said he was going to let him do Ling, but "he's like 25". Seriously? Ling is 15! Aaron still says he doesn't know who he's going to voice in Brotherhood (and apparently he *is* getting a role). Personally, I think he should be young Hohenheim. It could fit.

On to the caps! (that I took back in April when the first episode was aired in Japan and never got around to posting... but now seems like the perfect time, doesn't it?)

The way Ed's expressions change so quickly never fails to amuse me. xD

(This was in the time span of about 2 seconds)

Seriously, does it hurt to change facial expressions that fast?

I would also like to take this time to point out that Al was more useful in the first episode of Brotherhood than he was in the entire first anime. Just throwing it out there. :|

LOL. BUT NO NO. SERIOUSLY. Roy's face is funny, but look at the dude behind him! xD

And now presenting.... the LOLcaps. Enjoy.

(Apoligies to those who despise Elricest xD)

(I am so original)

(I honestly don't know where this came from xD)

That's all folks! Comment and let me know what you thought of the dub too! (And the caps! xD)


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