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Chapter 104 Wallpapers and Icons

Yeah, I had fun with a couple of the panels from Ch 104.

First, Wallpapers:

001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009

Now? Some icons (not as many of these, I'm afraid, sorry)

001 002 003

And a banner (of sorts).


The rest of the wallpapers can be found HERE
All my icons can be found HERE
And my Photobucket account is HERE

The usual applies:
Concrit is love, comments are awesome
Credit unnecessary, but don't claim as your own
Hotlinking is ze evil!

Stuff you probably couldn't care less about:

Excuse the Geek Mythology references. Chapter 104 just sounded (in a strange way), like the story of Zeus defeating the Titans, and the Sacrifices just made me think of them as Zeus' children.

Wallpapers #7 & 8 are weird looking because I used just the outlining of Scar and added drop shadows to create an almost "on glass" kinda feel. The color in #7 is beneath the outlining (did that make sense?)

So, forgive the multiple versions of two of these. I was having way too much fun playing around. But I would really like to know what you think of them. Love is welcome, but I am very open to concrit -- is there a way I can improve what I'm doing?

**embraces her inner dork**

ETA: I am SO sorry! Somehow the cut code got deleted as I was editing this entry. Feel free to sic a short, snarky alchemist on me, if you feel it's necessary.

--Oops! No. I misspelled cut.

So remember kiddies: Never LJ while you're under the influence of massive cold and flu meds. **dies of embarrassment**
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