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the DUB (@ Katsucon)

So I totally last-minuted my way down to Katsucon tonight (Friday) since there was word that they'd be playing the dub. And I had been at Otakon when CoS premiered, and that was a bunch of squeeing fangirly fun, so I was thinking that despite it hitting the airwaves tomorrow night, despite suddenly finding ourselves dropped in the middle of the Borean Tundra, that it'd be fun to go tonight anyways. And, well, my 8 year old thought it would be FUN too (she's a little pissed that I won't read the subtitles to her, and she can't read quite that quickly yet). So we had an evening out . . .

Alphonse . . . the first episode just didn't sound right. And not because of the voice, but because of a lack of tinny-ness. The voice came across more muffled than anything else. I'm hoping that it had something to do with the setup or the disc we were watching or whatevs. About midway into the first episode the tinny-ness sounded as it had before. There were several points during the second and third episodes where I couldn't tell that it wasn't Aaron. So yeah, naturally, not every sound is exactly the same, but, it is definitely still Alphonse.

What I could appreciate more from this viewing than from sub-watching (being that my Japanese is, well, nonexistent) is how badass Alphonse is in the FMAB/manga universe. I mean, I've read the manga (every last spoilery bit of it!) so I know Alphonse is quite a different character, but, wow, the first episode so takes advantage of that detail. The first episode isn't in the manga, I know someone in the community has probably cited the source of it, but at any rate, being that the studio had a lot of scripting to do there, they totally took advantage of that fact and threw in some very nicely coordinated fight scenes. Yeah, I've seen them before from watching the subs, but really, now that my eyes are not so busy reading, there's A LOT more to actually see in the animation. This is why I play on both teams-I can appreciate the original work, but, for me, to fully be able to just really take in the visuals, I need to be able to watch and understand at the same time. Maybe someday I'll just understand the Japanese, but that day sure an't here yet.

So, some interesting tidbits: neither Al's VA Maxey Whitehead nor Vic are aware of the story. Neither one has (read the manga-I'm 90% sure they said that tonight-or) watched the second Anime. Al's VA Maxey did not watch the 1st Anime before auditioning. Actually, she really didn't know much of anything about the series until getting through some of the callbacks, and then she could tell from how everyone else was treating it that it was something 'big' (I'm totally paraphrasing here, so if anyone has corrections, please comment away). So, eerily enough, at times she's able to nail Aaron's Alphonse without ever having heard it.

So, that's the piddly amount of the q&a I was able to hear before I had to scram because of child malfunction :/

I'm reserving final judgement on the audio until after I see it on [as] or maybe on the box set (spring birthday, hehe) where the audio is a bit  better controlled.   

So, yeah, surprisingly no where near as much Squeeing as CoS. Could be just a very different crowd tho. And, well, the pro is that I could actually hear it this time around :-D

edited (now that I'm awake) to include Maxey Whitehead's name
edited a second time because I was not awake enough to realize I was using rich text and not html and therefore it didn't read the fraking tags. meh.
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