HJ - (Hikari) (hj_hikari) wrote in fm_alchemist,
HJ - (Hikari)

I'll have to say, the new opening is just awesome!! >v< It's been so long since an intro impressed me this much~~ X3

In the spirit of things...


L'arc-en-ciel somehow got Ed to pose for their promo poster, but Ed is not cooperating because he called Hyde short (only 157cm!) ..and Hyde in turn called him short as well.

[behind closed curtains of the stage..]

Hyde :*fake smile* congradulations Ed! You get to sing the new song in our live concert! fufufu...
Ed : Wow! Really?
Tetsu : ..don't you mean reveng-- [gets hit by flying guitar]
Hyde : I hope he's not dead.. ._.... *cough* Now we run!

[Laruku flees stage (Tetsu carried by Ken and Yuki) while Ed stands on stage cluelessly. Curtains open.]

[Ed gets trampled by fangirls..and fanboys]



Ed : ahA!!

Ed : fufufu... Not going anywhere...
Hyde :


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