lavjee (lavjee) wrote in fm_alchemist,

[amv] Maes & Gracia Hughes - Makka na Ito

Vehh~ Delurking :3

Anywho, I was feeling emo yesterday, and I made an amv... So I thought I'd share :3

Spoilers I guess, but I think everyone already knows this... But if you haven't seen up to episode 10 of brotherhood or episode 25 of the first anime series, then... don't watch it õ__Õ

Alsoo~ I didn't translate the song myself, I combined several translations I found online into the subs I have now. I hope they're right but I have no way of checking n_n"

The song is Makka na Ito by Plastic tree, and I mostly used the brotherhood anime, but also a tiny little part of the first anime :3

I cried when Hughes died in the first series.  I cried again when I read that chapter in the manga. I cried again when rereading the manga. I cried again with brotherhood. I cried while making this amv.
... I cry a lot about Hughes õ___Õ

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