Becca Stareyes (beccastareyes) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Becca Stareyes

Some Art done for the Holidays (Curtises, Elrics)

I was part of the yuletart Holiday Art Exchange. Unlike yuletide, which is devoted to Old and Rare Fandoms, about the only rule for Yuletart is 'No Harry Potter', back from the days when that fandom could eat any other fandom for lunch.

Anyway, now that the secret santas are revealed, I thought I'd post the picture I did for nightambre, which happens to be FMA fanart.

Title: Perfect Morning
Characters: Izumi and Sig Curtis, Ed and Al Elric
Rating: SFW (G)

Perfect Morning: fanart

Clicking on the picture takes you to the post on yuletart, which includes my comments on the picture.
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