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Fic: "The Mirror Shatters" 1-2/?

Title: The Mirror Shatters
Author: evil_little_dog
Disclaimer: I promise I will put Arakawa-sensei’s toys back, just as soon as I’m done playing with them.
Rating: Teen?
Summary: Roy still remembered Edward’s words, that it was their mess to clean up, and the way those three boys had waved him off with Riza, Knox and the injured girl.
A.N.: This story takes place in a somewhat alternate reality, diverging from manga chapter 50, Serpent's Cross, in that not only did Ed, Envy and Ling get swallowed by Gluttony, Al was swallowed, too. Other divergences take place but you'll have to read to find them out. I figured this would work nicely as a 12_daysofficmas story, as that's where it made its first appearance. :D
Dedicated to: dreamer1789, who asked me how long she'd have to wait for the next chapter. Sorry, luv, it's been...a while.

* * *

Fake cut to my LJ. Both chapters are included in the link. Crossposted.
Tags: fanfic (teen)
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