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Help With Character Themes

Hey all, happy New Year. :) Hope everyone's holiday has been great!

I wanted to post a plea for help here. You see, I very much enjoy making MMVs or AMVs for various fandoms. And I decided that I would like to make 'themes' for characters in my favorite fandoms, in this case FMA. (I'll be doing Final Fantasy later on too)

These differ from the average AMV/MMV because they will be around 30 sec, to one minute to a minute and a half, and usually use only part of the song. So, I figured I would list the characters, as well as the songs I have for them so far. I would greatly appreciate any sort of song suggestions any of you all can give -perhaps with a link to the song, as well as a note about which part specifically fits the character, but just naming a song and a character is cool too- any kind of help is fantastic! Oh, and I'll credit too. Even if I have options for a character, please feel free to suggest something! And I'm also going to do a few 'parody' character themes (so far I have one for Lust, and I would like to do one for other characters)

As soon as these are finished I'll put them up on Youtube, and embed them here too for everyone to see. I can's say when they'll start coming out- my schedule's rather chaotic at times, but I would really like to do these. So, the characters:
And they are... )

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