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super_powers; A Panfandom, Super Powers AU

ower and courage. Strength and fortitude. These are the qualities you’ll need to develop whilst being a student here, living with daily gossip, dealing with bullies,
exploring and discovering the secrets of various off-limits areas around campus whilst getting the most out of every other facet of school life. But whilst Estrasia Academy may appear to be your average high school and college combo, it's truly nothing of the sort.

Students are hand-picked by the committee; those that are invited to study at the academy are those that show particular promise with the powers they have developed from the mana that flows throughout the lands. Whilst many of the classes are those that would be taught anywhere else, students are to take at least two power-related classes per year; abilities ranging from telepathy to floatation have been accepted as the norm at the academy, and it's the school's job to make sure that by the time they've graduated, through classes and practical quests, their primary power has been mastered. But, then again, some of the students have their own ideas...

super_powers is a multifandom, alternate-universe roleplay set in a futuristic world where the very atmosphere is responsible for the supernatural abilities characters develop.

We currently have no Fullmetal Alchemist characters, but we would love to see some around!