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Fanfic: Branded Chapter 4: (Re)Conditioned Responses - Part 1

OK, so I bet no one thought they’d be hearing from me again this soon. (What – have the planets aligned – again?) But, well, I’m going back to college fulltime in a month and I’m thinking there will be no fun writing for the next year, so…so if I’m going to write the next chapter in Branded, I had dern well better do it NOW. So, without further hemming or hawing, I bring you Chapter 4 in the EdXWin series, Branded…

[Oops! A leetle bit more…]

My thanks to all of you who have been patient and hung on, have come upon the series recently and/or have recommended it to your friends. (I hear from ffn about you guys and I’m grateful for the favoriting and story alerting!)

And last, my thanks, as always, to alchemyotaku75 for the constant encouragement and for making me feel good enough to write.

Story: (Re)Conditioned Responses (4/7) - Part 1
Series: Branded
Author: ibshafer
Rating: Hard R…oh, I give up – NC17…
Character/Pairing: Oh, definitely WinXEd (poor little bugger  - he doesn’t stand a chance…)
Disclaimer: I don't own these people, they own themselves and are just nice enough to let me spin them around the page now and then.
Summary: In which Winry tries to break Ed of his milk aversion – any way she can
Warnings: profanity, sexual situations, explicit without naming names, if you catch my drift…
Genre: Fullmetal Alchemist; AU, I guess...
Spoilers: none
Feedback: Yes, please...


Branded - Series Map:

1)     Branded (complete)

2)     Kiss and Tell (complete)

3)     Learning Curve (complete)

4)     (Re)Conditioned Response (IN PROGRESS)

5)     Even Steven (up next!)

6)     Shave and a Haircut

7)     Overdue Book Fines

(Re)Conditioned Responses

 You would think after clearing that very formidable sex hurdle – and for a while, it almost seemed like they wouldn’t – Winry would have been content to rest on her laurels for a while.

Edward, for his part, was resting on his beside her, half-submerged in blankets and sheets, resting so hard (if it were possible to do such a relaxed thing as resting ‘hard,’ and she suspected, from the look of him there, that it most certainly was), that he appeared to have lost all his bones – and doubled his weight.

He’d had such a rough time of it yesterday, but had rallied so well, so incredibly, creatively, mind-blowingly well, that she almost felt guilty for what she was going to do to him today.

But Winry was never so happy as when she had a new project to work on and this one might prove to be the mother of them all…

Because on this day, as she and Edward still basked in some considerable afterglow (and perhaps because they were still basking in that afterglow), Winry Rockbell would break Edward Elric of his aversion to milk.

Even if it killed him. 


The first thing Edward thought when he woke up was, “Shit, did I sleep through the day?” because the world was pitch black.

But then he realized that he couldn’t see a thing at all and that couldn’t be right. Even if it were night, and heck, they’d just finished round – what-was-it? – five when the sun was coming up so it certainly was possible that it was night, he would still have been able to see the outline of furniture in the light from outside. Winry’s big windows let in a lot, even at night, something that he’d been very grateful for, because, as she put it, he had turned out to be a very…visual person in bed.

At this, the blood rushed to his cheeks and the geeks used that handy break in Edward’s almost constant inner monologue to try to figure out what was going on. One brilliant recruit came up with an explanation that made the most sense. (And earned him a promotion…)

Edward was blindfolded.

“What the hey?” he muttered, reaching up to pull the offending fabric from his face.

Or, well, he thought he was reaching up to pull the blindfold from his face, but his hands had other ideas: they were tied to the bedpost.

“WINRY!!!!” he screamed at the top of his formidable lungs. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??!!!”


‘Oh, my, is he screaming already?’ Putting the last of the supplies into her picnic basket, she ran up the stairs. ‘And I haven’t even done anything yet…’

Listening to him yell, she began to doubt her plan, her actions, her nerve, but she’d done a lot of reading and this really did seem like it could work.

If she could just open his eyes, remove that barrier, not only would he be a happier person (one that could properly enjoy brownies and pie!), but a healthier, perhaps even a taller one… (Not that she cared about his height anymore – they certainly fit together well enough…)

Her intent was to combine current psychological theories on conditioned responses and reflexes – a learned gentleman named Pavlovonic in a distant, northern country had done some interesting work with dogs – with some of the more…well, erotic passages of a few of her favorite books.

If she approached it like the science it was, she should be fine, but if she let Edward’s complaints sway her (and there were sure to be a lot of them), or let him try and confuse or distract her by other means (which he was certainly capable of), she might run into trouble.

It could all backfire in her face or…or it could lead to one very adventurous afternoon and an Edward Elric with a whole new appreciation of the dairy industry.

Either way, it was worth trying.


He heard the door swing open and zeroed in on the sound, which was rather amazing when you consider that he hadn’t stopped making noise – screaming, panting, muttering, groaning – since he’d awoken to find himself blind and tied up.

“WINRY??!! JUST WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” he screamed in what he believed was her general direction.

He expected her to respond in some way, if not to apologize to him for his current, ignoble condition, then to at least yell back at him…but there was no sound at all.

Was she there or had the wind just opened the door?

It was possible, sometimes that door didn’t shut very tightly, but that wouldn’t explain the sudden scent of her almond shampoo on the air currents now entering the room.

She must be here.

Damn! He wished he could see!

“Where are you” he croaked, starting to feel the apprehension tickle his spine. “What’s going on, Winry?”

One of the more neurotic geeks suggested this might all be some sort of punishment for yesterday’s sexual missteps and Edward couldn’t deny he deserved some sort of retaliation.

But to be bound and gagged? OK, not gagged, but blinded?

Was her aim to torture him? Was this some kinky new sex game or was it torment? And if it was the latter, well, after what he’d put her through yesterday didn’t he own that?

I’m such a jerk…

Winry,” he pleaded, his voice breaking despite all efforts to the contrary. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m such an idiot. I’m so sorry I was only thinking of myself. I’m sorry it took me so long to–”

A rush of air and the bed shifting and then there were soft, mobile lips on his, hands deep in his hair.

He was breathless, her tongue at his neck, when she finally spoke, her voice a whisper, her breath hot in his ear.

“You apologized enough last night, Edward,” she said softly, suckling his ear lobe. “This isn’t about punishment.” And then she went back to work…

For a recent ex-virgin, she was very good with her tongue and hands, very persuasive, but even as his eyes were rolling back into his skull, he caught the faint hint of something’s-not-normal in her voice.

Had Edward been more experienced or more…er, well-read, he and the geeks might have provided him with another possibility, one not quite so sinister. (In fact, one not sinister at all – unless that’s what you were going for…) Instead, his mind stumbled down a dark path that lead to no where good.

“Then what’s it about,” he said as flatly as he could manage.

He felt her sit back, bouncing on his thighs in a vaguely pleasant manner.

“Well,” she began and there was no mistaking the hesitation in her tone. “That whole drama with the brownies yesterday got me thinking about a new project, something I’ve been researching for a while. I hadn’t worked out all the parameters yet, not until yesterday…”

The deep scowling he was doing made the blindfold slip a little on his forehead and through the thinned fabric he could almost make out the shape of her in front of him; she seemed to be fiddling with something in her lap, something that was not in his lap.

“C’mon, Winry. What are you up to and what is all this about?”

There was a faint giggle and then what he could swear sounded like the scrape of a spoon against the side of a metal bowl.

What the fuck?


W-was that her tongue on his chest and…eewwwww, now something cold?

“J-just what kind of project involves you l-l-licking my chest while I’m blindfolded,” he said with so little control, he squeaked the last half of the last word out.

Again, a bounce and the feeling of her sitting back on his thighs.

In a voice that was half possessed-engineer and half-he-didn’t-know-what (but that the sound made him ache in places he wouldn’t have thought he could after the last twenty four hours), she said, “I’m going to break you of your aversion to milk, Edward.”

My aversion to milk?!


This was all about friggin’ milk?!

Oh, for cryin’ out loud!

And then the realization hit him.

This was all about m-milk?!

“I..I thought you said this wasn’t about punishment,” he rasped out, but by then it was too late; she attacked his right nipple with a cold spoon and something soft and wet and he let out a scream that could have raised the dead. (If it were possible to do that, that is…)



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