ZaKai Stonewall (zakai_) wrote in fm_alchemist,
ZaKai Stonewall

Fanfic: Military Ball - Chapter 2

Title: Military Ball
Author: zakai_ 
Rating: PG13
Pairings: Light Royai theme, but the story doesn't focus on them and is more of a 'Gen' fic than a 'Het' fic.
Reference: Manga
Type: Gen, light het, humor, new years fic
Warnings: language
Summary: The fuhrer decides it would be good for Ed to attend the military ball, but will it be good for everyone else?

Chapter Listing Here

A/N: I’ve been asked by a few people to clarify what I mean by ‘Gen with Royai hints’, so here we go. This story is basically gen fic. It has a very light Royai dotting. However, this fic is not a Royai fic (sorry Royai fans). That doesn’t mean that Royai fans won’t enjoy this story, but the focus isn’t on that pairing. There just happens to be some interest there for each other on both their parts.

Chapter 2 - Mere Formalities

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