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Fic: Wilderness Tips and Fanart: Forty Winks

Illustrated Ling/Ed fic or cheeky Ed/Win illo - pick your poison, folks! Both done for fmagiftexchange and reposted at my journal.

Title: Wilderness Tips

Characters: Ling/Ed. Also starring my favourite chimerae Darius and Heinkel, and the charming Greed 2.0.

Rating: R for sweary Ed and a teenage makeout session. One of the two illos probably isn't quite worksafeWord count: 3976 

Setting: Mangaverse, during Greed, Ed and the chimerae's time on the lam together after Ch. 83 and before the Promised Day. 

Summary: A young man's guide to surviving months in the middle of nowhere with only basic supplies, two grouchy chimerae and a homunculus with identity issues. 

Notes: Illustrated fic is illustrated. Twice. Written for fmagiftexchange , for the prompt Ling. Anything, anyone, it doesn't matter (so long as it revolves around Ling). Per the O.P. – “He’s a thousand prompts all by himself.”

Eat what's cooked. Drink what's clear.

Title: Forty Winks
Characters: Ed/Winry
Setting: Well, in my head this is mangaverse and post-Promised Day, but I'm not sure you can particularly tell that from the illo
Rating: a relatively tame R for semi-nudity. Nothing you wouldn't see on a billboard.
Notes: Drawn for fmagiftexchange for the prompt Ed/Win, What Ed Does in Bed. Brush and india ink, and my first attempt at watercolour-style colouring in Photoshop.

Why did I fall for this dork?

Cross-posted a bit.

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