Qashqai (qashqai1) wrote in fm_alchemist,

just another Al fanart

With short hair, for change. XD and cute smile. XD
Edit: now there's Lin and Ed, too~ XD

I tried fake-screenshot thing this time XD it doesn't look much like screenshot, though. I wonder what should I change to make it look more authentical? XD
first version
second version

Aaand one random sketch because posting just one pic doesn't feel right xDD
Edit: and pencil sketch - yes, I actually draw with pencil sometimes XD though I'm not good at it, but still - too bad I don't have a scaner. :< But not having a scaner isn't obstacle for me, I redrew it with mouse and colored anyway lol.
And the other pencil sketch xD I drew this one for my cousin XD it was supposed to be Al, Lin and Olivia (his *and mine XD* favourite characters), but I wanted to draw Ed's automail~ 8D because of cosplay I learnt how to draw his automail without any references *I always screw up with drawing such things without references* and yes, Al's face is actually pretty the same as on this fake screenshot |D


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