Qashqai (qashqai1) wrote in fm_alchemist,

I want to cosplay Ed

And I need help with automail D: so I decided to ask for it here D:

OKAY. Firstly, if someone have Ed's automail to sell, I'd buy it. If not too expensive xDD

But if not, I wanted to make it myself. I found this and I think I can make it that way. Somehow. But if I'd make it myself... I want to cosplay winter!Ed, so I'd make his new automail (it's cooler, anyways xDD). So there is my reqest. Could someone make patterns like these for Ed's new automail? I mean, damn, I'm trying myself, but it's kinda difficult. Well, hand and 'body' will stay the same, but I need patterns for teh rest. D:
References: 1 | 2 | 3
I dunno what I can do in return. D: art reqests, maybe? xD I can draw anything (...if it's animu/mango) you want! ;A; if you want, from such shitty artist as meh (my gallery) xD
Or maybe someone could do the whole thing (to Feb.)? 8D but I wonder if I have enough money to pay for it lulz.

Anyone can help? ;A;

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