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Sales thread: Japanese furoku


I have some FMA furoku (freebies) from the Japanese Newtype magazines I need to get out of my apartment.

Full Metal Alchemist Newtype magazine furoku
-Quiz Book
-2004 spring holiday calendar that folds out to include a poster & character sheet
-Sticker sheet
-The black envelope includes two posters, one for Edward Elric and the other being Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed. I'd rather sell the envelope with both posters.

All of this merchandise is a good five years old and in excellent condition

Here's the FMA poster in the black envelope, loosely unfolded:

This is the Kira Yamato poster in the same envelope, loosely unfolded:

If interested in anything, please make an offer without shipping. Shipping to the US is $3 and international is $6. Paypal preferred, but I'm reasonable. I'm also selling more stuff here. Thank you^^


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