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Lin, Lan Fan, Ed and Al on the karaoke! XD five strips for now, but I'll probably add some sketches later or tommorow :)

1. Deciding who sings first
Poor Al got to carry bags, and now... XD
2. Al's singing
He sings "Kaze ni Dakarete" XD and yes, he does sound girly in this song. I understand, Kugimiya Rie is girl after all, but it was like she wasn't even trying to sound like in anime XDD
3. Lan Fan's singing
She sings " 空風". XD lol both of her songs are awesome. XD Nana Mizuki rlz <3
4. Lin's singing
He sings "ナンバー王", and yeah, he does sound dumb. XDDD Miyano Mamoru sounding dumb - <3
5. Ed's singing aka being cool
Yeah. XDD he sings "Yume no Genseki" XD I can imagine him acting 'cool' while singing, totally |D Romi Paku actually, mostly sounds like in anime in these songs 8D

I'll probably add some sketches or colored pics of f.e. brothers singing or their four singing XD.
Edit: songs are character songs of these characters : D you can find most of them here and the last one here
And how it'll end, that karaoke party with beer
Lin wants to have a seckz with Lan Fan everyone XD, Ed approves it with passion, but Al thinks that still'd be incest (and yes, he's right.). On the other hand, Lan Fan approves it, too, but Al's defending her virginity *yeah, Al/Lan Fan anyone? LOL*! If she still has one XDD
LOL OOC BUT THAT'S WHAT ALCOHOL DO WITH PPL. Done while talking with perverted friend. XD I always feel like I'd be drunk when I'm taking to him lol. He's just so funny, it makes me happy XD.

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