Qashqai (qashqai1) wrote in fm_alchemist,

AlxMay fanart + Al/Kitty sketch

LOL yeah that's me again. I'm soo feeling like doing fanarts. XD
Icons as preview:

edit: I added Al/Kitty sketch. |D
edit2: Added also chaos very sketchy sketch with Ed and Al XD

So, older!Al and older!May >: D well, Al like usually XD long-haired version ofc. |D I wonder how much people on dA will think that's Ed. But anyway! May looks little different... >: D
May: who's a mere loli now? xDDDD
Anyway, I seriously feel like doing fanarts. XDD
Now I want to make Al/Kitties. XDD
And Lin, Ranfun, Ed, Al and maybe Winry on karaoke. |DD *listens to character songs*
Anyway, maybe anyone has an interesting request or something? |D
Edit: Al/Kitty? :x
Edit 2: chaos very sketchy sketch of Ed and Al *drawn totally randomly, without any concept o.O*
Damn, mouse!sketches are always so chaotic. XD too bad I don't have a scanner. |D

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