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Wondering about the Truth (SPOILERS for Manga chapter 102)

Hai hai another question about the Truth. Now since not everyone has seen chapter 102 DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IF YOU DON'T WANNA BE SPOILED!

Is that clear?

Okay, this has been bugging me a while and well... might as well speculate since we won't know another thing before next month (argh they are soooo draging it ;.; )

Okay Truth, way back when Ed meets the truth for the first time. Truth has his leg. Then later Truth has his leg AND his arm. If Truth had taken Roy's eyes... wouldn't Roy see Truth with his eyes? He doesn't... and since the price has been paid for his passage with the life of the Head scientist, why would the Truth ask him for a toll? I think Roy is totally faking it because Roy wouldn't make such a spectacle of himself if he was indeed blind... so I am thinking he's faking it. I could be wrong only Hiromu sama knows for sure.

the second point about Truth... I think when you meet the Truth, he's "wearing" what was taken from you. He doesn't need them but Truth uses it as to show it's got power over you. Hence, when alphonse speaks to his body... He speaks with the TRUTH... The Truth is wearing his form when he speaks to Al... which brings me to a very bad conclusion... what Truth has taken, you can't bring back. This is what Truth using Al's body is saying: Your return may bring nothing more than despair and ruin. That was Alphonse one and only chance to get back his body and he sacrificed his chance for his friends. THAT is Alphonse's toll, I think for something like the Truth Time isn't something that is linear or of consequence.

His sentence might also mean that now that Al has come back, Father has all 5 sacrifices and can proceed with the rest of his plans. If Al had taken back his body, he wouldn't no longer be the same Al and they wouldn't be able to use him as a sacrifice.

but I am a bit intrigued how all this will play through... I'm not seeing a happy ending if you ask me. I am also curious how Greedling, May and Scar will tip the scales. FMA is really keeping me guessing at what is coming next and I know she put red herrings and dropped hints in earlier parts but darn... I just can;t figure out what is Father's ultimate plan... Is it to great the mother of all Philosopher stones? or something much more sinister?

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