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Is anyone sick of these things yet? 'Cause I'm not.

OK, so everyone's freaking out that Roy's blind, right? Including me. HOWEVER. My sister just mentioned something...

Roy doesn't need his gloves anymore to make things go boom. He's opened the gate (although unwillingly), so he is connected with the truth and doesn't need a circle or anything to complete/activiate a transmutation. This would be a good thing, as his gloves are now completely screwed up, except now he can't see his targets. :x

Also, I would like to point out, he is now a crippled orphan. SEXY.

Regarding Al. Many people are surprised that he didn't take his body back. I wasn't, though. Al is way too selfless. I figured there was no way he'd get his body back before the huge ass battle. WHICH WILL BE EPIC. Theories on this, anyone? Cause now that Mei['s here... and Ed and Al and Izumi... hell, they don't even need Roy practically! BUT OH GOD. I hope Hawkeye doesn't find out until after the battle that Roy's blind, because she will freak the hell out.

OK, and since I think there's enough of these posts floating around, I'm gonna end it here.



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