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14 December 2009 @ 12:45 am
just some hohoish!Al fanarts  
Because I haven't posted them for some time, have I? XDD
I can't let you guys forget this image of him! xDDD
Ah, and some comparisions between Ed's, Al's and their parents' look with panels from manga :D

Okay! xD I tried with animations this weekend but it's not for me. XD but anyway.
1 - animated |D
2 - I won't post this one animated, it sux even more than this one above... xD oh well, look at my icon. XD
And other animation XD (for some reason I couldn't upload it on tinypic and imageshack >_>)
Haha lol first tries are always funny XDD *or rather pathetic*
But just reminding you of hohoish!Al. XDDD erm what? dissapointed by me? XDDD
Anyway, if someone still didn't see it (I mean, I posted it on dA, on mangafox, and here in comments in other entry... XD):
Arakawa proving me right: 1 | 2 ! and mix of the second one LOL
XDD He'll seriously be almost Hoho's copy if he tie his hair up! XD

Edit: I checked if it isn't the same with Ed, but no. It isn't. XD when I checked that I discovered also that Ed has too high forehead for Hoho's hairstyle. XDD I mean, look at this.

Edit2: Like I thought. Ed's face feature is more similar to Trisha's XD Ed has Trisha's face feature, proportions... But he also has Hoho's eyes and nose I think. And then, Al has Hoho's face, but with Trisha's eyes and nose. XDD and Al's *probably* tall like young!Hoho, while Ed's rather average height now, like Trisha XD... heh, it's somehow cool how both Ed and Al are kind of mixes of their parents :D though only in look... in matter of personality, Ed's is totally like young!Hoho and Al's rather like Trisha |D
Krys, the Duct Tape Alchemistductapealchemst on December 14th, 2009 02:16 am (UTC)
huh, wouldya look at that. Yeah, I had always thought HohoPapa was a preview of old!Ed, but clearly, it's most Al who has Hoho's looks. Thanks for sharing these. I've always appreciated the fact that physically the characters have been maturing which really adds to the storytelling, and this is an interesting angle on that.

Big forehead doesn't even begin to cover it . . .