Qashqai (qashqai1) wrote in fm_alchemist,

just some hohoish!Al fanarts

Because I haven't posted them for some time, have I? XDD
I can't let you guys forget this image of him! xDDD
Ah, and some comparisions between Ed's, Al's and their parents' look with panels from manga :D

Okay! xD I tried with animations this weekend but it's not for me. XD but anyway.
1 - animated |D
2 - I won't post this one animated, it sux even more than this one above... xD oh well, look at my icon. XD
And other animation XD (for some reason I couldn't upload it on tinypic and imageshack >_>)
Haha lol first tries are always funny XDD *or rather pathetic*
But just reminding you of hohoish!Al. XDDD erm what? dissapointed by me? XDDD
Anyway, if someone still didn't see it (I mean, I posted it on dA, on mangafox, and here in comments in other entry... XD):
Arakawa proving me right: 1 | 2 ! and mix of the second one LOL
XDD He'll seriously be almost Hoho's copy if he tie his hair up! XD

Edit: I checked if it isn't the same with Ed, but no. It isn't. XD when I checked that I discovered also that Ed has too high forehead for Hoho's hairstyle. XDD I mean, look at this.

Edit2: Like I thought. Ed's face feature is more similar to Trisha's XD Ed has Trisha's face feature, proportions... But he also has Hoho's eyes and nose I think. And then, Al has Hoho's face, but with Trisha's eyes and nose. XDD and Al's *probably* tall like young!Hoho, while Ed's rather average height now, like Trisha XD... heh, it's somehow cool how both Ed and Al are kind of mixes of their parents :D though only in look... in matter of personality, Ed's is totally like young!Hoho and Al's rather like Trisha |D

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