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More Ch. 102 prophesying

Regarding the Colonel . . .

It's been bugging me, from the second that I read the chapter, that Roy's is blind, but he still has his eyeballs.

Truth is an evil fucker, and look at what it has done to everyone else: it gutted organs and limbs, and just outright took Al's body. He really wants his pound of flesh. And then some. Yeah, I guess Truth could have taken his Optic Nerves, but what's the fun in that? That doesn't seem messy enough. No scars. No blood spewing.

Roy can't see, but he still has his eyes. Which makes me think the blindness is medical, not resulting from alchemy. Besides, we can see that both Doc Goldtooh and Selim are really messed up by the gate. (I think Goldtooth may have absorbed some if the souls Selim's PS has, hence looking all Monster!Envy-ish, and that Selim has lost souls to both Doc Goldtooth and the Gate, and thus, is getting all gate-pixeled.) I mean, the gate was opened with a PS *AND* a human sacrifice. And it wasn't even actually opened by Roy himself, he just got a one-way movie ticket to the doors, right? I mean, isn't that really overcompensating?

So, then, perhaps it's temporary blindness from falling from the sky onto his face? (Why oh why does his hair defy gravity and not show his eyes as he's falling upsidedown? Roy, why that copious use of hair products?!)

Agree? Refute? Discuss! This one is really bugging me. Or maybe it's denial.

Edit: oh yeahs, a concussion serious enough to result in temporary blindness could totally account for the stumbling around and being uncertain of Ed's location, right? And, he's guarding the left side of his head the whole time (aka what he fell on!).

Edit 2: Or maybe it's (hopefully temporary) blindness from a rebound? He wasn't in control of the circle after all . . . that was A. LOT. of power there.


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