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Fanfic: A Future Unseen

Title: A Future Unseen
Author: Rika24
Genre: um, Angst I guess
Pairing(s): RoyEd (if you choose to see it that way)
Disclaimer: FMA Doesn't belong to me
Rating: K+
Note: Chapter 102 spoilers

Everyone is posting things with Riza and Roy for this chapter, but not Ed. I felt there was a lot going through Ed's head during this chapter so I felt I had to do something with it. For those that don't like RoyEd, don't worry, no romance here.

I was shocked and confused at seeing Mustang fall from the gate. I hope I’m wrong about that being the Gate at least. I rushed over to him and asked him if he was ok and what had happened. The minute he described the Gate I got scared.

“What did you lose?!” I yelled as I checked to make sure he still had his arms and legs. I nearly stopped and asked about what happened to his hands, but I doubt the damage was from the Gate, so I didn’t.

Everything’s there, no blood aside from his hands, nothing missing. Maybe I’m overreacting I thought, letting out a relieved sigh as I move to help him up. That’s when I notice he’s shaking.

“What are you doing? Are you with me Fullmetal?” he asked. I was shocked into silence at the tremble in his voice; it just didn’t belong, not coming from him. “It’s pitch black, I can’t see a thing… I can’t see.”

My eyes widened, I watched as he stumbled forward onto shaky feet, watched as he tripped over a pipeline. “No…” This isn’t right, no; this can’t happen, if there is one person that doesn’t deserve this it’s him. He’s already gone through enough. Ishbal, Hughes, Havoc, can’t he get a break?

This is my fault; I keep dragging people down with me. Hughes died because of my need to find the Philosopher’s Stone to get Al back to normal. If I had known the pain I’d cause, I NEVER would have tried to bring Mom back, never would have joined the military to become a State Alchemist, and never would have searched for the Philosopher’s Stone.

Pride sounds so happy about Mustang’s pain. They feared him before? Mustang had been able to kill one of them and was about to kill a second, so I guess it makes sense.

I listen to Pride talk down to us, reminding us of our sins of human transmutation. When he spoke of the Colonel I wanted to hurt him, Mustang didn’t do human transmutation, I KNOW he didn’t. If ever he was going to use it, it would have been to bring Hughes back; but he knows the consequences of human transmutation, so why?

He didn’t try to bring someone back, but he tried to help us, to help save this country. He wanted to make up for his sins just like Al and I. I hate to admit it, but we’re a lot alike.

The look on his face, I… I hate that look, that look of defeat, anguish, pain… fear. He’ll never see his dreams for Amestris come true now. There’s no way for a blind man to become Führer.

I shake my head, stop it, I tell myself. Roy will make it, somehow he’ll make it. Havoc will walk again too. Al and I will get our bodies back. After we stop these Homunculi everything will be made right. What better place to get our bodies back than here? And if we can get our bodies back, maybe Roy can get back his sight, as well as sensei getting her missing organs back.

Even if it’s not possible, I’ll stay a State Alchemist and make sure Mustang makes it. I’d never say it to his face, but I owe him… BIG time.

Right now isn’t the time to worry about that though, because right now we’re all blind to what the future holds.

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