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Thoughts on what happened to Roy in manga chapter 102

Okay, I have some thoughts on what happened to Roy in the last chapter.

It goes without saying to please not read this if you have not read manga chapter 102.

I have some thoughts on Roy's blindness.

I have heard rumors that people think he is faking it, that it is just the way that he is being drawn, that he really hasn't lost his sight.

Some point to the fact that in black and white, it is hard to see what is going on with his eyes, since she draws them without irises when they are surprised.

But the thing is, that you *DO* see a colored image.. look at the third page of the magazine.

Roy's eyes are clouded over, almost like they have cataracts.

His eyes- they are smoky blue grey. Which means they were most likely VERY dark blue, midnight blue, or very dark blue/gray, and they have been clouded over. That seems to be proof to be that he is well and truly blind.

*points to her icon*

I don't see any way that he could be faking that his eyes look like that. I could see the rumor being true, if we hadn't seen color evidence to the contrary.

That being said, as much as it pains me to say it, I really hope that he doesn't get his sight back. Unless Arakawa can come up with a *REALLY* good reason, it will look cheesy and like a cop out. And I don't want the series to end like that.

I would like to go through the theories in this post:

For the record, I mean nothing against the person who wrote it. I think those are some terribly fascinating theories, but I just want to give a counterpoint againt the theories, just to give some discussion while we wait another month to see what happens.

1. Roy didn't go to the Gate willingly.
I do understand that he did not willingly go to the Gate, but let's face it, the Truth is not going to let him go through free. He is there and he had to pay a toll.
It is like you accidentally getting on a toll road. You didnt want to get on it, but you are still going to have to pay the people at the toll gates, whether you like it or not.

2. We didn't Roy's interaction with the Gate. Maybe he struck a bargain.
No, we didn't get to see Roy's interactions with the Gate, but the Gate has never "struck a bargain" before, and despite Roy not going willingly, I doubt it would start now.

3. Pride didn't know he was blind until he announced it.
Pride would not know what was happening inside the Gate, so he wouldnt know what happened to Roy until he came back out. Remember he said that he wondered what Roy would lose? So he had to wait and see.

4. No one tells Roy the lair isn't pitch black- maybe he wants Ed to play along.
The fact that Ed was able to grab him meant that Ed could see Roy and that would mean that the room was not pitch black, unless Ed can see in the dark.

5. Roy gets up and wanders around and falls down, he seems to be "playing" blind.
It did seem a bit odd, but my guess is that he is going into shock, or shell-shock and isn't really thinking like the normal, cool calm and collected Colonel (wow say that three times fast!) that he is.

6. Roy keeps his eyes averted or half hidden after he says he cant see.
If he can't see anything, then he can't really know where his hands are in relation to the rest of his body. Also, as Truth mentioned, he is a prideful person, and he would probably not want anyone to look at his blind eyes- partially becausee he doesnt want them to see his weakness and partially because he dont want to be reminded that as they look at him he cant look back.

7. Roy is a master manipulator and is feigning a weakness so they won't pay attention to him.
While he is definately a master manipulator, and he has manipulated in the past, I think the points above seem to point much stronger to th fact that he is, indeed blind. I just don't hav enough evidence to the contrary.

And on a somewhat related note, as I was finishing this up, my iTunes started playing "Mr. Brightside" from The Killers.

"Open up my eager eyes/ I'm Mr. Brightside."

I love my ironic iTunes sometimes. It does this as I write all the time.

Okay, so I am really hoping we can get some discussion going here. I really want to see what people think!

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