Qashqai (qashqai1) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Episode 35 speedsubs

I did Polish subs early today and decided to do English, too 8D but I hope that was unnecessary and Eclipse will do their subs faster this week (I need their subs to check mine xDD). XD

These are speedsubs made by a Polish girl - don't expect good grammar... but I think they're better than these [Anime-Link] ones from the last week. ^^, at the very least, they're understable. And there's no polish lines. I think. LOL ah but I didn't translate the preview. But who cares about it anyway? xD' ah, and opening and ending translated by Eclipse.
It's timed to this file (torrent).
If you don't know how to load *.ass file, just download Media Player Classic and click File -> Load Subtitle...
If this function isn't working, then go to View -> Options -> Playback/output and choose VMR7 or 9 (renderless) in "DirectShow Video". It should work after that.
You can load *.ass files with VobSub, too. It's in CCCP or K-Lite Codec Pack. But you have to rename subtitles file to the same name as video file.
Ah, and before watching install fonts, please.
Anyway, if I'm posting already... I'll show you my last art with papa Hoho. |DDD

By the way, did you see volume 24 cover? I saw it today. It's cool. 8D

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