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Drunken Ramblings - AlWin

This is a drabble.. of sorts that I wrote for qashqai1, because she drew many gorgeous AlWin pictures that were just begging to be written about. So this drabble.. fic thing is dedicated entirely to her! ♥

This is the picture that inspired it all.

Title: Drunken Ramblings
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (post manga)
Pairing: Hinted Al/Win
Warnings: No spoilers, but this is coming out thoroughly un-betated, so I apologise for any mistakes.

“I've... found brother,” Alphonse offered sheepishly as he returned to the young mechanic, the older Elric in tow, grinning proudly about something Al wasn't quite sure he wanted to know, “Are you ready to go, Winry?” Tipping the half empty wine glass to savour every last drop of the ruby red liquid, she set it down with a clunk on the table behind her, unfocused blue eyes peering up at Al from underneath dishevelled bangs.

“Piggyback,” she reminded him, her hands curling over the generous flare of her hips, “Y-you... you said I'd get a piggyback!” Al sighed good naturedly, inclining his head into a small nod of agreement, his own cheeks heating up a little on realising just how little Winry was wearing, suddenly all the more obvious now.

“You didn't bring a coat, did you?” he realised out loud, the evening had been warm and sunny when they set out, “Hold on.” Shrugging his own jacket off, he took a moment to pull one of the sleeves out from inside itself, before placing it gently over Winry's slender shoulders. He pulled back the collar to lift the long, blond ponytail from underneath the fabric, letting it down to flow back over her back.

“Okay,” he confirmed, turning with his back to her, “I'll give you a boost-ahh!” he cried out in surprise as the warm weight jumped up onto his back, only just moving fast enough to curl his arms underneath Winry's thighs to stop her from sliding down, his blush deepening the moment his palms curled about the soft skin. The blond girl gave a triumphant sigh, her arms hooking about Al's neck to keep herself anchored.

“Onward!” she commanded, pointing an arm out in the direction of the door, snickering to herself as she slumped back down against the younger's shoulders, her breath rushing out in warm tickles against Al's ear. Seeing his brother marching ahead with his happy-go-lucky expression in place, Alphonse hoisted Winry a little further up his back, hurrying over to try and catch up with him.

There was a short, blissful silence once they were outside, the sounds of the party fading away behind them. Thankfully, Alphonse mused, Winry was on the light side, and not moving that much, no doubt due to the several glasses of wine she has consumed. His breath hitched as he felt slender fingers playing against his collarbone, pinching to open the first few buttons of his shirt in quick succession.

“W-Winry..?” he stammered awkwardly, gasping out loud as that warm hand slid over the rise of his clavicle, and underneath the thin material of his shirt. He could hear Winry snicker, her cheek suddenly nudged against his, strands of her hair caught against her flushed skin.

“Al~” she began, her lower lip curling into a pout, that teasing hand drifting over the flat plane of Al's shoulder, “Ed... Ed doesn't love me~” her fingers curled against his skin, gliding over the natural lines and contours of the younger man's chest, “He's... he's such a jerk!” Al could distinctly hear his brother chuckling up ahead, the flush on his cheeks flaring darker at the teasing touch. “But... you do,” the girl suddenly purred, closer than ever to Al's ear, her lips barely a breath away, “Riiight?~”

“Erm... sure. Right,” Al swallowed, finding it very hard to concentrate when Winry was just so close, his arms hooking underneath her legs a little firmer, “Brother...? Winry's-” he was cut off by another amused snigger from his brother up ahead, who appeared completely oblivious to his little brother's ordeal, striding ahead without a care in the world.

“She's drunk,” Ed offered, in the tone of someone who knew exactly what they were talking about, beaming at nothing in particular as they continued down the street, “Just ignore her if she's acting weird. Some people,” he shook his head, as if amused by the situation, “Just can't hold their drink.” He patted himself down as they approached the darkened workshop, pulling out the lining of both pockets in search of the key. “D-damnit! One of.. one of those bastards called me short an' stole my key,” he huffed, lifting up the tails of his jacket to rummage in the pockets of his pants, “I'm... I'm not SHORT, damnit!”

“... brother,” Al murmured once Edward had left him space to do so, “I have the key. Remember? It's in my jacket,” before he could even think of asking her, he could hear the jangle of keys as Winry fished them from his pocket, almost slipping from his back completely the moment one of her arms unwound from his neck. “Ahh! Winry!” Al hitched her a little further up his back, receiving a muffled giggle for his troubles.

Opening the door with a crash, Ed almost fell over in the doorway, taking a moment or two to regain his balance, striking a pose as he stretched his arms high over his head. “M'gonna hit the hay,” he announced, kicking his shoes off with little regard of where they flew to, striding over towards the staircase, “Have fun~” he added with a deliberate snicker, his thumping footsteps receding away up the staircase.

“W-wait.. brother...” Al sighed on only seeing his brother's ponytail whip out of sight, half turning to kick the front door closed behind him. As light as Winry was, his muscles were starting to ache slightly for carrying the unaccustomed weight for so long. “Oh... well,” he murmured to himself as he headed for the staircase himself, matters not helped as Winry's fingers returned to massaging over his chest, straying dangerously close to his nipple.

Nudging open the door to her bedroom with his knee, Al baulked a little on seeing the mess littering the floor, countless clothes and automail papers entwined in messy heaps that seemed out to trip him up. Picking his way carefully through, Al breathed a sigh of relief once he reached the bed, turning his back towards it for the mechanic to detach herself. “Come on, Winry, you need to sleep this off,” he reminded her patiently, sighing quietly as her hand began straying further, her other arm tightening about his neck, in silent refusal. “Winry!”

Curling his fingers about her wrist, Al gently extracted her hand from underneath his shirt, an easier task now the drink was making her more fatigued, guiding the blond haired girl over his side, letting her down from his arms onto the mattress now that she had absolutely no way of clinging onto him. She pouted up at him from the bed, shifting herself to get comfortable, resulting in her laying in a far more compromising position. Palming his forehead, Alphonse leant over, politely averting his gaze as he eased her shoes off. “You're... okay sleeping in your clothes,” he added, helping her change was a situation he couldn't even begin to risk when she was as far gone as she was, “I'll just.... here.” He pulled the blankets up from where they had been kicked messily to the end of the bed, draping them over Winry's splayed out form, tucking in the edges to make sure that she wouldn't get cold during what remained of the night.

Standing up straight, Al gave the dazed looking girl a smile, rubbing a hand at the back of his neck out of nerves, his fingers nudging against his ponytail. “Goodnight, Winry. I'll see you in the mornin-” he cut himself off in surprise as he felt her slender hands grasp either side of his face, pulling him down to her level. Those bright blue eyes managed to focus on him for a heartbeat, before she pressed her lips clumsily to his. She pulled back just moments later, a wide smile tugging over her lips as she fell back to rest over her pillows, her eyes finally sliding closed.

“'Night... Al~” Rubbing at his burning cheek, Al turned away to leave the room, this time unable to stop the smile curling at the corner of his lips.
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