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21 November 2009 @ 08:27 pm
The Prices We Pay  
Title: The Prices We Pay
Characters: Roy, Ed, cameo by Hawkeye
Word Count: 13639
Rating: R (warnings for gore, and major manga spoilers for chapters 76-77, maybe a little before and after that as well. Please read responsibly.)
Summary: Only life is equivalent to another life.
A/N: Many fervent thanks go to several people for their assistance with this fic. As always, I owe evil_whimsey enormously for her comments and suggestions, and artemisrae as well, for her own unique perspective. And thanks to beautiful_fic I didn't have to go to med school to keep the details of injury and recovery as realistic as possible. This story wouldn't be what it is now without all their assistance, and I cannot thank them enough.

The Prices We Pay

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