♬ hot [ & ] d a n g e r o u s ♬ (murdering) wrote in fm_alchemist,
♬ hot [ & ] d a n g e r o u s ♬

Mmm, tastes like evil~

In the midst of a quest to make some gelatinous stone for a cosplay project, I have stumbled upon some of the most delicious freakin' hard candy I have ever had the pleasure of making and tasting. I just wanted to share the product of my nerdy evening with you, since I will be playing with the recipe and mold to make it more "accurate" to the red stones in the series.

Since I'm working toward opening my own little candy shop on the net, someday, I won't be posting my recipe. However, they are strawberry/raspberry flavored, and are almost entirely made of sugar (and the population of a large desert town.)

edit: A second attempt, with more 3-d shape to 'em. Apparently they turn black if you leave the heat on too long. NEXT TIME SHALL BE BETTER.

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