seaweed_fma (seaweed_fma) wrote in fm_alchemist,

25 Mustang x Hughes one sentence drabbles

Pairing: Roy x Hughes
Rating: G- R (to be safe)
Warnings: Will have spoilers all the way to the end of the first anime (and one mention of movie events)

1. Touch
Roy had never craved touch- in fact he despised it- until the first time Maes touched him, and his world was on fire.

2. Feel
The feel of his lover's body against him sent shivers of pleasure up his spine, and each touch drove the alchemist wild.

3. Watch
Maes' favorite pastime was watching him sleep- he shed off the masks that he wore while at the office and was simply the Roy Mustang that he loved so much.

4. Read
As smart as Maes was, he found reading boring- except when reading the tiny, almost imperceptible changes on his lover's face while they were at work- he could devour those all day.

5. Smell
Even after all these years, Maes could never get over how Roy smelt like smoke and ash, and how much he loved those scents.

6. Hear
The sexiest thing that Maes ever heard was his lover in the throes of passion, the chanting of his name rolling off his lips like it was a holy mantra.

7. Negative
Negative to positive, they fit together like the polls of a magnet- true opposites that attracted each other.

8. Positive
Maes' permanently good mood never ceased to irk Roy- but he missed it after his lover died.

9. Electric
Every touch he gave Maes sent a shock of electric pleasure up his spine.

10. Organic
Alchemists though in terms of science- organic ingredients and chemical reactions- Maes never could understand that mumbo jumbo.

11. Magic
"Might as well be magic," Maes would tell Roy when the man tried to explain alchemy to his lover, "that is how much sense it makes to me."

12. Secular
Maes had never been particularly religious himself- when he found out that most alchemists were devoutly secular, he was pleasantly surprised.

13. Water
Despite being the Flame Alchemist, Roy did not actually hate water- but he never admitted it to anyone other than his bespectacled lover.

14. Battery
"I need to recharge," Roy would have to tell him lover after the third round of sex, "I am not a battery, you know."

15. Paper
Paper was the bane of his existence- he could swear that Hawkeye took sadistic glee in piling more forms on his desk- one snap and they would all be gone.

16. Fur
Maes was glad that he was not working under Roy- when Hawkeye brought Black Hayate into the office, his fur allergy really kicked up.

17. String
It killed Maes to string Roy along while he was also dating Gracia- but he loved them both, and didn't want to let either of them go.

18. Dog
If he had not become a dog of the military, he would have never found Maes- and he never would have lost him, either.

19. Silver
The glint of the silver wedding ring on his finger reminded Roy every day of what he had- and what he lost.

20. Mirror
Roy was not a particularly vain man, but Maes took every opportunity that he could to tease Roy about the number of mirrors in his house.

21. Pervert
Maes had no idea how much of a pervert was hiding inside of him until he did things with Roy in bed that was not even aware two men could do.

22. Blue
The day of Maes' funeral, Roy's crisp dress blue uniform and the bright blue sky matched the blue mood of the people in the cemetery.

23. Wood
Even in the deepest, coldest days of winter, Roy hesitated making a fire because of the memories that stirred in the smoke and ash.

24. Odor
No matter how many times he tried to scrub the blood off of himself, he could never rid himself of the odor of smoke and ash and the fat of human remains.

25. Game
Roy was tired of the game- he had lost too many people close to him- but it was still a shock to his former subordinates when he reenlisted and requested a transfer to the North.
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