Teh Krunk-Meister (sirkrunk741) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Teh Krunk-Meister

[FIC] Scoffing Sun, and No Title

Title: No Title
Author: sirkrunk741
Rating: G
Summary: Ed thinks back to younger times, when things were less lonely.
Word Count: 214
Warnings: N/A
Notes: This is inspired by prompt 140, and I immediately thought of the Kids OVA.

Edward sat in the chair...

Title: Scoffing Sun
Rating: PG-13, for language
Summary: Edward is getting a bit too big for his britches, and Roy needs to pull him down a peg.
Word Count: 1,257
Warnings: N/A
Notes: Written for NaNo. Big surprise. And I've got a summary like that, but there's no smut. NO, SERIOUSLY.

Roy throws a thick sheaf of papers at Edward...

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