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02 November 2009 @ 02:07 am
I have some Hallowen Ed and Al Cosplay for you, complete with Singing!Ed. :O My friend Cypher and I went out on the town and shook things up a bit.

I want something else, to get me through this, life.. Yeah.. I want something else..
@_@.. Yeah I was bouncing around/dancing and being very expressive singing the song back to the band. Only to have Rob-the lead singer wrap his arm around me and have me sing with him. THEN during that short part in Third Eye Blind's "Semi Charmed Life". He had me sing that line, by myself... Hollly O:. EDWARD ELRIC HAS FOREVER ENGRAVED HIMSELF IN THE BEACH THEMED BAR THAT IS BAMBOO BERNIES. That's another thing, when they had the costume contest we filled out the sheet wrong, and they addressed me as "Edward Elric the Fullmetal Alchemist". Instead of "Kris".. 83~.

...I was the designated driveer u.u btw.

Al got a sex change into a 23 year old woman. THANKS Al >:|.

On to the serious cospaly..

Cypher makes Al's helmet, srs biz, yo.

After Fells Point/bar hoping on Halloween. I went with the bandage around the head cuz I thought would help. 8|. (Read book 13 of the Manga)

Dawwwh, that smile is natural 8D.. I wasn't posing. But it looked good.

Thoughtful Ed is Thoughtful.

"Transmutation circles? I dont don't need no stinkin' transmutation circles! I'm in ur fieldz... Stealin ur elementz."

Edward explores old barn.

My friend Cypher as THE BEST ALPHONSE OF ALL TIME. Yes that is, indeed, a cat in her chest.

More in here:

I will say this much, you have no IDEA how hard it is to sign a receipt for a bar tab with the automail glove on.
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Wolfsjunges: FMA: LAMPREY EDWARDdriftwoodwings on November 3rd, 2009 06:54 am (UTC)
Thank you :D

Although my family and close friends would probably disagree with you on "tall" issue. Almost everyone I know is taller that me besides two girls... >>. MANGA ED IS TALL..er THOUGH <3.

Also thanks for the boots comment. They're a old pair of doc martins that are/were falling apart and I used alchemy a tonne of super glue to put back together, and covered them with red paint and varnish :3. I put a great deal of effort into them (although I can't seem to keep the paint/varnish to stay on the bottom)..

-Sorry for the late reply D;. I got PIGAIDS and just up until a bit ago got some energy back.

Edited at 2009-11-03 06:55 am (UTC)
Toraneko: ALL YOUR FMA BASEdarkyo on November 3rd, 2009 06:58 am (UTC)
Oh, you seemed a bit tall standing next to the tree. Pictures can be deceiving! XD
Wolfsjungesdriftwoodwings on November 3rd, 2009 07:15 am (UTC)
Its a bean sized tree, for bean sized people.