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Ficlet: Your Majesty, Idiot Prince

Hello. c: This is my first post to the community. I'm relatively new to the FMA scene, but have read all of the manga and watched Brotherhood. Doing my best to not mess up my first post... hahaha...

Your Majesty, Idiot Prince
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist (manga/Brotherhood based)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: ~570
Characters/Parings: Ling Yao, a little bit of Ed, mentions of Ran Fan.
Warnings: Minor Ling/Ed, but only if you want to read it that way.
Summary: Ling is now the Emperor of Xing. Various contemplations of his.

“Your Majesty, you have a visitor.”

Ling Yao looked up from what had been occupying him (signing some unimportant documents). He ran a hand through his hair, which was loose, as Emperors should wear it, and smiled weakly. He still had the tattoo of the Ouroboros on his hand; the one called Greed still occupied his body. His court occasionally had to entertain the Homunculus when he managed to take Ling’s body, but it was happening more and more infrequently.

He loved his people dearly, but running a country and maintaining the Mandate of Heaven wasn’t a terribly easy task. He was there for his people; he wanted to hear everyone’s voices. However, in a country like Xing, it was quite difficult.

And of course, balancing his time was always difficult. He had to practice his swordsmanship, or else he would become weak. He had to keep up with the literature, or else he would become ignorant. He had to practice his calligraphy, or else he would seem uncultured. And of course, he had to spend time with his wife, or he would ruin his image.

His wife.

Like many marriages that occurred in the country of Xing, he hadn’t chosen his own bride. The Yao family had decided to ally with the Feng family. The two families were known to be two of the more powerful families in Xing, and by becoming one, they could not only become even stronger, but also eliminate a possible rival in the process.

It wasn’t like he didn’t like his wife. He was fond of her. She was beautiful and strong willed, and she made good conversation (for some reason, Greed had taken quite a liking to her). Their marriage was still fresh, and his elders promised him that love would blossom over the years.

And Ran Fan. After the Yaos were joined with the Fengs, she had left his side. She wasn’t the kind of person to be jealous, and Ling was sure that she just had his best interests at heart. If she had stayed, she probably would have been forced to become a concubine, and Ling didn’t want that for her, so he allowed her to leave the court. He didn’t know what she was up to now, as they did not keep in touch.

Whenever he started thinking about Ran Fan, his mind wandered back to his days in Amestris and the Elric Brothers. The younger Elric ended up getting his body back, by means which Ling didn’t try to understand, but the elder, Ed, remained half metal. He couldn’t say that he communicated with Ed (and Al) very often, though he wanted to. The desert just seemed to eat up time and their ability to communicate.

You thinking about that Elric kid again?

Ling didn’t respond to the voice in the back of his head (which obviously belonged to Greed). Again. He must have been thinking about Ed a lot if Greed had even noticed it and bothered to ask about it.

It doesn’t matter. That part of your life has come and gone, Ling told himself.

“Your majesty?” the court official asked again.

“Yes?” Ling replied distractedly from his seat above the ground.

“You have a visitor.”


“He didn’t give us his name.”

“How could you not have-”

Suddenly, the large doors to Ling’s court opened, showing just one figure.

“Hey, idiot prince.”

Ling grinned.
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