Yuujin Tooyama (eu9eni3) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Yuujin Tooyama

Fanart dump <3

 Hi there, I'm new here <3
I'm a big fans of FMA since I'm still an elementary schooler LOLOLOL, and now I'm crazy again about it! <3

So, I'll bring my newest FMA fanart~ Please take a look at it


my first attempt in FMA brotherhood. I thought this is a perfect failure :/
(LOLOLOL Al musn't be there because he lost his whole body.. And, somewhat this pic looks strange ORZ)

my newest pic, I made this after watching (and fangirling) the newest OP, Golden Time Lover 8DDD
Katakana here said "Golden Time Lover", but I changed the title in dA into "Hana" because I wanna give this pic to my friend
and her name is Hana. Okay, this is very unimportant.

And.. The last, because I love Vocaloids crossover thingy 8DDD
Please smack me if you hate this XDDDD
(Ed's leg looks strangeeeeee DDDDX)

That's all 8DD
Please visit my dA if you like my arts! I'll update it as fast as I can 8DDDD

thanks for looking! >3<

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