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Mike McFarland talking about the English Dub

At the London MCM Expo today I was lucky enough to meet Mike McFarland and talk to him for a while. I asked him a few questions about the Brotherhood dub, and although he didn't say anything concrete, I think I got something kinda good outta him.

The first thing I asked was if they had already cast Ling - which of course they have. I knew he wouldn't tell me the name, so I asked for some hints at to who it was - apparently, Ling is not a new actor and he's been in a lot of voice acting roles already. I asked him if the actor was in the new Soul Eater dub too, and he said yes. Maybe I'm hopelessly optimistic, but this points to Todd Haberkorn for me. I really, really hope so!! I asked him if it was Todd and he didn't say anything, so I threw in a couple "Todd would be so perfect!!" lines too. Just to get my point across.

Also, he said they've dubbed up to around about episode 19 so far.

And I asked if the VA's for the State Military Men (Falman, Breda etc) would be reprising their roles - he said most of them would, but didn't say which actors in particular. He did mention Breda, and I think he said he had to recast him, which is sad :(

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