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Envy arts!

I drew Envy in his full form and thought I would show it here since people might like to see? I haven't posted a topic here before, only left comments ^w^ I've been a fan of FMA for a couple of years though, saw the old series and am enjoying Brotherhood. I haven't read the manga yet but everyone says its good so I probably will if I have time.
Anyway, Envy, Kimblee, Roy Mustang and Maes Hughes are my faves, aside from Ed and Al. I haven't seen anyone else draw Envy in his full form yet although I'm sure people have (anyone here drawn him like that? I'd love to see!)
And now, on to the pic! It's just a headshot cos I was too lazy to draw all the little people on him but I hope you like it anyway!

And the original is on dA if the picture doesn't show.
It's important to note my scanner HATES GREEN. He's darker in real life and the shading looks better.
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