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New Member Comes Bearing Gifts!

Hi! I'm Alex and I've got a few (okay, a lot...sometimes I go a little overboard ^^;;) icons and banners. All of the icons are screencaps captured by me, while the banners are from wallpapers (really just the DVD covers), and others like manga scans.
The icons are all 100x100
Banners vary from 400x170 - 400x200 - 400x250

I'm not very LJ savvy, so I may not link it right, and my layout is kinda screwed up.

Credit is appreciated =D

Icon Preview:
Banner preview:

Icons part 1: http://xela-starkly.livejournal.com/5996.html
Icons part 2: http://xela-starkly.livejournal.com/6296.html
Banners: http://xela-starkly.livejournal.com/5858.html
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